2 days | 9am-5pm


Come and spend two meaningful days with a small group of mothers, just like you, and experience heartfelt conversations about what is needed to truly love your body.

This work is the closest to my heart of all of my workshops. Body love has been a personal struggle for me since I was a teen and the struggle continued after I had my three children.

Let me share what I now know to be true: that at the heart of loving your body are small, conscious moments. Daily choices to be kind to yourself, to connect with what is important to you, to be real.

In our two days together we will take a journey towards a deep understanding of the messages that shaped how you feel about your body. You will learn how to challenge and change these messages so you don’t pass them down to your children.

We will cover 12 topics including empathy, trust, vulnerability, self-compassion and shame. Each topic has a video, a self-reflection exercise and a deep facilitated conversation to embed the learning. You will hear from other mothers just like you. And when we share our stories in a room filled with empathy and understanding, this work is life changing.

You will feel connected to yourself and to those other brave mothers in the room. I call it common humanity, the experience we have when we realise that we are not alone; when we realise that our struggles are universal.

During our two days together, we will use the work of Dr. Brené Brown,  a shame, fear and vulnerability researcher with over twelve years of data and research supporting her methodologies.  I am a Certified Facilitator of her work. The Daring Way TM.

If you long for deep and meaningful conversations that make you feel alive, and would love to learn tools and strategies to help you love your body, then join us, you are absolutely welcome here.

Cost includes coffee and tea on arrival, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and coffee. You will be well nourished and well looked after. I really hope to see you there x


Rebecca is a certified life coach (ACC) and a certified Daring WayTM Facilitator – a methodology based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown. She is also mother to three incredible little beings. Rosie, 3, Jack & Maggie 2.

She has a 23 year corporate background in workshop facilitation and now uses her experience to connect and empower mothers with tools and strategies to be brave and emotionally resilient.

Because she –  hand on heart  – believes that when mothers come together to grow and learn from each other, their kids do better, which makes the world a better place.


The reason I signed up for this workshop was that my nine year old is already starting to have body image issues and I really wanted to help her overcome those issues. The most important thing I learned during the workshop is how fierce the negative self-talk can be. From the age of nine years old through to 40 years old.

Tammy McCann

I was definitely a little bit anxious to see what this workshop was all about. But post workshop I feel like I am walking away with a more enlightened experience. The most important thing I learned was just to be myself and that imperfections are normal. I don’t have to strive to be perfect.

Sarah Clarke


As well as going quite deep into some areas, there are a lot of practical tips and tools. In fact after the first day I was able to go home and use what I learned with myself and my family.

Caroline Carson



I would recommend Beck in a heartbeat to anyone. She has such warmth and is such an expert at what she does. Her stories bring such a richness to this whole journey that just make the work so inspiring and so practical. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about themselves and be more resourceful for themselves and for their families.

Janine Manning